London 🇬🇧

London is calling… 🥰 My dream since I was 15 was to go to London and have a proper english tea 😂 I don’t know where it comes this fascination that I have with England. Prehaps it’s thanks to my father, teaching me about the history of the world or maybe it was the films and books that I grew up with… anyways I have always being enchanted with the U.K.

So went I finally got the chance to go, 10 years later, you could say I was beyond excited 😊 London was the first stop in what I would call my EUROTRIP and it was not quite what I’ve been expecting .

I was only there for 3 days so I believe that it was part of the problem and even though I knew that this was not going to be like what I’ve seen in Sherlock or a James Bond film, I was expecting something else. London is a living city, every where you go there is movement. A fast beating city with too much traffic and too many things to do. Time is what you need, oh and money.

Of course there are the must see places:

  • The London Eye
  • The Buckingham Palace
  • The Tower of London
  • The Parliament
  • The Tower Bridge
  • Westminster Abbey

The list is endless. Again you need time and money. I did went to the places I listed above but I felt that I didn’t do all and that it’s the thing with London, there is so much to do. Believe me, every place you look it’s worth of your attention, from buildings that make you stop and stare them as if you were in a museum to actual museums that make you feel like there is not enough life to visit them all.

It’s a beautiful and intriguing city that mix the past with the present, everywhere there is a piece of history but also it’s a clear example of multiculturalism. You will find more nationalities and you will hear more languages than an airport and that was one of the problems that I had with the city, that english touch is missing in various places and there are some areas that sadly are neglected. But you can have everything , can you?

London was a dream of mine since I was young and to be able to make it real 10 years later it made realize that life goes fast and that dreams do come true but not the way we expect.







Published by Billie Dean

A 26 year old that loves independent films, learning languages, kpop, BL and that is currently in MDSZ hell

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