So I went to Cancun 2 weeks ago for 4 days. It was a last minute trip to be honest.

Every year my parents have this tradition that they team up with their friends (3 married couples plus them) and they pick a place to go on vacation. This time they picked Holbox and Cancun, although my parents have gone already there, their friends haven’t and you can say, no thank you, to Cancun. So they booked a flight, the hotel and bon voyage!Why did I go? Well I sort of invited myself to the party 🙃 I needed a vacation, things have been stressful in my life these past months and I guess I needed an escape from my reality. I asked my parents and they said, sure why not?If you have never been to Cancun, well imagine Las Vegas meets an island 😂 Being serious Cancun is really a place where you can have fun in every corner but also you can go and find a moment of peace. Whether is the nightlife at CocoBongo or The City ( 2 of the many night clubs you are going to find) , the Pirate ship you can go on board and see the sunset, the x- parks( I always say it’s like the Disneyland of Mexico) where you can do ziplining, swimming in rivers or with dolphins, visit the cenotes, etc. The list is endless.You can forget the cultural aspect, the mayan ruins, the traditional dishes, the language, the handmade clothes and products and of course learn about that part of Mexico.Cancun really has a thing for everybody and maybe that is the problem I have with it.. There is too much tourism now days and it’s becoming very expensive to stay there. Cancun it’s a most in your list you won’t be disappointed, that is for sure.


Published by Billie Dean

A 26 year old that loves independent films, learning languages, kpop, BL and that is currently in MDSZ hell

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